About MBN co

Established with a defined project of secondary distribution loss reduction by IEIS (Iran Elec. Ind. Syndicate) .IEIS is a NGO and founded in 1994 and has 500 members from Iran electrical industry. IEIS gathered together 60 prominent company as MBN shareholder to execute loss reduction project with its foundation concept: Pure, Intelligent and Assured electricity.

Upon successful accomplishment of such above mentioned projects in loss reduction area in secondary distribution and accumulated experiences, MBN turned into EPC & GC contractor with following vision and mission statement:

Our Vision

Sign of Credit and Value Creating Domestic and Abroad Projects

Our Mission

To be a business company with superior suppliers, strong technical backups through joint ventures, trained personnel and huge expertise in quality management of goods and services when exporting equipments , engineering & technical services.  International marketing and direct presence in markets are main attentions of MBN Company.

Benefitting from more than 30 employees in its head office and abroad with current projects in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Iraq, MBN Co. is now an exporter of Engineering & Technical Services as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and GC (General Contractor) company with division for finance and investment. MBN Co. is also active in electricity trade among neighbor countries. 

MBN main solutions for its clients are as follows:

  • Loss reduction and extension of secondary distribution networks 
  • Power losses purchase 
  • Renewable energies 
  • Distributed Generation(DG) 
  • Building Management system(BMS) and Intelligent Distribution Networks 



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